Public engagement

I was lucky enough to be interviewed live on The Naked Scientists radio show this week. They were interested in some work we published, with colleagues in Edinburgh, in Nature Communications. The work was led by Agnese Irkle, Alex Vesey and Anthony Davenport. The paper is about predicting risk of heart attack and stroke, using imaging with sodium fluoride PET. That's the same stuff that's in toothpaste, a fact which the Daily Mail could not resist mentioning.

Our paper has made a big impact in terms of online interest, as demonstrated by an Altmetric score of 61. Whether this translates into future citations remains to be seen. Some studies, admittedly over short periods have shown correlations between new world and old world metrics.

Back again on Naked Scientists in June 2016, discussing the way an ECG works. And again in late June 2016, talking the listeners through a post-mortem.

And on BBC Radio 5 Live, explaining how to live longer using diet and exercise.

And again on The Naked Scientists on one of their Q and A shows.