The guideline wars

The quickest way to start a fight at an international cardiology conference is to ask the attendees which guidelines they follow in managing their patients' cardiovascular risk.

This week, the controversy continues with the publication of a European view of the ACC/AHA 2013 guidelines.

The conclusion of the opinion piece in the European Heart Journal, perhaps predictably, is that the European approach wins.

This article discusses the potential implications of adopting the ACC/AHA guidelines on patient care in Europe and beyond and concludes with the opinion that the ESC/EAS guidelines from 2011 seem to be the most wide ranging, pragmatic and appropriate choice for European countries.

Will the British guidelines - JBS3 - clarify things for practitioners and patients?

JBS3 report on prevention of CVD and its risk calculator now launched. The report is now available here. A fabulously addictive risk calculator is also worth checking out at