Day 4 - ESC

As a change, I thought I'd cover this Day in Stockholm using Twitter feeds. This will give you multiple opinions from a cross section of delegates. Simply click on the links to read more!

Safety of 2 intravenous heparin doses with PCI in ACS patients treated with fondaparinux - here.

ISAR REACT 3A: Reduced dose of unfractionated heparin in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions - here.

Today's hotline press releases - here.

Nurses can reduce the risk of recurrent complications in heart patients: results from the RESPONSE trial - here.

REACH: Comparative Determinants of 4-Yr CV Event Rates in Stable Outpatients at Risk of or with Atherothrombosis - here.

A pill costing less than £1.50 a day has the potential to save thousands of heart failure patients - here.

Hot arteries: Marion Hoffman, Chicago - Vascular muscle cell factor implicated in aortic aneurysms - here.

Future of myocardial perfusion imaging - here.