Screening For Lp(a) - Now Recommended by the European Atherosclerosis Society

This post on HeartWire caught my eye. At the recent EAS meeting, it was announced that a statement is forthcoming, supporting a screening blood test for Lp(a) - and then therapy with nicotinic acid to lower levels below 50mg/dL. This recommendation is aimed at those at intermediate and high risk of CV disease.

However, as the authors state further down the page:

"Since lifestyle appears to have little impact on an individual's Lp(a) level, the EAS consensus panel recommends that 1 to 3 g of niacin (nicotinic acid) daily is the best treatment for lowering Lp(a) levels. However, the group acknowledges that there have not been randomized, controlled trials selectively targeting plasma levels of Lp(a) and calls for further studies in both primary- and secondary-prevention settings to better define which patients should be targeted for treatment and what the target level of Lp(a) should be."

Where do you stand on this? Are you comfortable to screen and treat this 'risk factor' in the absence of clinical end point evidence?

Let us know your plans regarding Lp(a) below!